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5 Cafés For Coffee Lovers In Lagos

September 2, 2022

Hello Coffeeholics

Unlike citizens from other African countries, the larger population of Nigerians is not so much into coffee. However, this does not mean there isn’t a substantial pool of people who love coffee and other beverage. In 2019 the retail value of coffee had nearly tripled to $28 million. Lagos is a unique state, so we need not wonder why there are so many coffee lovers in Lagos. In fact, it has new coffee cafes popping up daily. If you are a coffee lover, here is a list of top spots where you can get top-notch coffee that will leave you wanting more.

 My Coffee

My Coffee Lagos - coffee lovers in lagos

Undoubtedly one of Lagos’s best monies for value coffee shops, My Coffee has a few places around town where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and grab a quick breakfast or some delicious pastries and sandwiches. With My Coffee, there is no gambling. There is a variety of coffee to choose from, and you can be sure that you would get only the best. . Also, My Coffee has an in-house tradition of adding a touch of love and luck to every cup. It is popular among the expat community and can also be a good spot if you want to work out of the office. Just incase you don’t want your cup of coffee going down alone, you can order a slice of pizza from the top pizza spots in Lagos

 Godaif Village 

Godaif Village - coffee lovers in lagos

This stunning café is located near Banana Island in Ikoyi. If you are a lover of serene environments, then Godaif Village is surely for you. The decoration is a lush garden-like atmosphere with large and tall trees reminiscent of a tropical forest or garden. Here, you can get a good blend of coffee in a manner that makes coffee drinking artsy and luxurious. What fascinates you the most about Godaif Village is how traditional and yet, modern the spot is. Aside from the restaurant, there are other side attractions.

Art Café

Art Cafe - coffee lovers in lagos

Here at artistic café, you can enjoy an artistic and retro environment while sipping on a cup of great coffee and good food here. There are tons of artworks to get inspired by. The same building also houses a full-fledged art gallery and home decor shop. If you are looking to get more, you might want to consider the Wednesday and Thursday happy-hour deal of buy one and get one free that happens between 5 pm and 7 pm. It is an ideal spot to relax or go on a date, the music and coffee will surely have you coming back.

Mai Shayi Coffee

Situated in Victoria Island, prepare to have a fancy coffee experience here as they serve only the best of the best. Mai Shayi, a Hausa phrase meaning “the one who makes tea”, has a wide range of coffee to select from the different coffee-producing countries. Each coffee is in a jar with taste profiles written underneath. You get to choose the type you want and it is freshly brewed just for you. You get more than a sensory experience here as you can also learn about coffee here in the “coffee room.”

The Jazzhole 

What better way to enjoy a taste of good coffee than in a spot where you can also get a blend of good music, art, and literature. You can relax with a good book here and there are a plethora of African artworks to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. The snack bar serves great coffee and yummy sandwiches among other snacks. The Jazzhole situated in Ikoyi turns something as simple as drinking coffee into an unforgettable experience in a setting that is vibrantly artistic.