Best Pizza Restaurants in Lagos: NAVI Top Picks

July 12, 2023

Craving a slice of pizza that will transport you to culinary heaven? It’s time to say goodbye to disappointing pizzas. We’ve curated a mouthwatering list of the best pizza spots in Lagos. These pizza spots are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Get ready for melty cheese, perfect crusts, and flavor explosions that will redefine your pizza experience. What are you waiting for, let us be your trusted companion in navigating the Lagos pizza landscape.

Brace yourself for a pizza adventure like no other.

1. Mako

Located in 36 Ademola Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, Mako restaurant is one of the best pizza spots. They bring a breath of fresh air to the culinary scene. The vibrant restaurant combines music, dining, entertainment, and lifestyle. This creates a unique space surrounded by fine greenery.

Mako also offers a picturesque waterfront view of the Lagos skyline. But what sets Mako Lagos apart is not only its captivating ambiance but also its exceptional pizza. With a dedication to quality, Mako Lagos serves up pizzas that are truly a cut above the rest.

They craft each Pizza with precision and deliver a mouthwatering experience. If you’re in search of a pizza spot that not only offers a delightful setting but also serves up delicious pies, Mako Lagos should be on your list.

NOTE: Mako is a members only spot. To enter, you must have an invitation by a current member.

2. Pizzeriah

Pizzeriah-Lagos-restaurant-best-pizza-spots in Lagos

Experience the true taste of Italy at Pizzeriah, a hidden gem among Lagos’ dining scene. Pizzeriah is where you could call “an authentic Italian pizza haven”. They offer a delightful blend of traditional craftsmanship and affordable prices. With their skilled pizzaiolos meticulously handcrafting each pizza, Pizzeriah ensures that every bite is a flavorful masterpiece.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends or seeking a solo pizza adventure, Pizzeriah provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can indulge in their delectable pizzas.

3. La Pizza

La-pizza-la-Manuela-residence-best-pizza-spots-in Lagos

Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized at La Pizza. You can find this hidden gem within Manuela Residence Hotel. This pizzeria has earned every ounce of its hype, and it’s not hard to see why. With their expertise, these pizza veterans know how to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience that will leave you speechless.

Each bite of their cheesy goodness is a symphony of flavors that is sure to take you to pizza paradise. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the incredible pizzas offered by this culinary sensation – it’s a taste sensation worth savoring.

4. Cactus


Cactus Lagos will amaze you. Their commitment to pizza excellence goes above and beyond expectations. Despite being a restaurant with a bakery, their passion for pizza shines through in every bite. They meticulously select the freshest ingredients and have dedicated a special section to create a pizza experience like no other.

Each mouthwatering slice showcases their dedication to providing the finest quality pizzas. Cactus Lagos takes pizza seriously, and the result is a culinary masterpiece that simply cannot be missed.

5. La Taverna


Tucked away in the heart of Victoria Island, La Taverna is more than just an Italian restaurant. It’s a cozy retreat exudes warmth and comfort. But we’d tell you this of free, Wednesdays at La Taverna are an absolute treat for pizza enthusiasts like you. It’s the day when they pull out all the stops and give a special pizza treat.

And guess what? They offer all their incredible pizzas for just ₦3,500. Every bite will take you to a world of irresistible flavors that will leave you craving more. So mark your calendar and make sure to experience the magic of Wednesdays at La Taverna, where exceptional pizzas await to delight your senses.

6. Gusto Lagos


Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure at Gusto, an Asian fusion restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos. Trust us when we say their menu is a treasure trove of flavors that will satisfy every craving. While their Asian fusion and Mediterranean dishes are simply divine, their pizzas will capture your heart.

Each bite takes you on a flavor-packed journey that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re drawn to their unique Asian-inspired creations or tempted by the sizzling teppanyaki options, Gusto ensures that every pizza is crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.

So, why not treat your taste buds to a memorable time at Gusto, where the art of pizza-making is on a whole new level?

7. BL Restaurant

You’d certainly be blown away by the exceptional quality of pizzas at B.L. Restaurant. BL is a classy and inviting restaurant that offers an incredible range of culinary delights including barbeque, diners, Middle Eastern meals, and seafood. Nestled conveniently by the Sinari Daranijo junction, this restaurant stands out with its impressive and grand structure.

While they excel in various cuisines, their pizzas take center stage, showcasing a remarkable level of craftsmanship and flavor. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, colleagues, or guests, B.L. Restaurant promises an unforgettable fine dining experience.

8. Eric Kayser


Since its grand opening in October 2018 at Victoria Island and Ikoyi, Nigeria, Eric Kayser has been delighting pizza enthusiasts with their extraordinary expertise and innovative spirit. Alongside their renowned bakery, pastry, viennoiserie, traiteur, ice cream, and catering offerings, Eric Kayser’s Pizzeria has become a cherished gem that truly captures the hearts of its customers.

Through commitment to using natural recipes, they have achieved excellence in crafting unforgettable pizzas that surpass expectations. Stop by at Eric Kayser, where each bite tells a story of passion, flavor, and the relentless pursuit of culinary perfection.

9. Godaif Village


Indulge in the irresistible goodness of pizzas at Godaif Village, a chic café and restaurant nestled in the vibrant heart of Ikoyi. Not only does Godaif Village offer exceptional dining options, but it also stands out as one of the few places that provide a playground for kids, making it the perfect destination for a memorable family outing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the incredible pizzas made at Godaif. And what’s better than having your children experience it too?

10. La Veranda by The  Blowfish


La Veranda is a fine Italian restaurant that offers a delectable array of Italian cuisine. While their menu boasts a tempting selection, their irresistibly flavorful pizzas are something to talk about. With each bite, you’ll be transported to a world of culinary delight as the robust and savory combinations excite your taste buds.

La Veranda’s pizzas are a testament to their dedication to offering unforgettable dining experiences. This makes them stand out as one of the best pizza spots in Lagos and an absolute must-try for pizza enthusiasts seeking a taste of Italy’s finest flavors.

11. Ci Gusta


Get ready to experience the true essence of Italian culinary delight at Ci Gusta. Ci Gusta  values both quality and speed. When it comes to their gourmet preparations, it’s all about authenticity and freshness. Their Italian-inspired creations are lovingly cooked and baked to perfection, ensuring that each dish surpasses expectations.

Whether you’re in the mood for a pizza that transports you to the streets of Naples or a mouthwatering pasta dish bursting with flavor, Ci Gusta never compromises on the quality that makes casual dining truly exceptional.

Join them for a delightful journey where every bite tells a story of passion, taste, and the sheer joy of savoring Italian cuisine done right.

12. Dominos


Domino’s Pizza is a renowned pizza chain that has captured the hearts and taste buds of pizza lovers around the world. From the moment you open that iconic Domino’s pizza box, you know you’re in for a treat.

Domino’s Pizza never fails to deliver a slice of pure pizza perfection. With their commitment to exceptional quality and speedy delivery, Domino’s has earned its reputation as a go-to destination for pizza enthusiasts.

13. Panarottis


The outstanding pizza offerings at Panarottis Restaurant is a delight. Panarottis is a true Italian culinary haven with branches in three convenient locations in Lagos: Sangotedo, Lekki, and Ikeja. Each branch exudes an inviting ambiance and a warm atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. 

14. Dodo’s Pizza


When it comes to taste and consistency, Dodo Pizza truly stands out. They take pride in delivering value for your money without compromising on quality or skimping on ingredients. If you’re looking for a cheesy pizza, rest assured that you’ll get an abundance of gooey, melty cheese. And when it comes to their beefy options, they don’t hold back.

Dodo Pizza is all about satisfying your pizza cravings with incredible taste and unwavering dedication to flavor consistency.

Experience the Best Pizza Spots in Lagos

The quest for the perfect slice is a never-ending journey. But fear not, we’ll always come through for you with expert guidance. 

We’ve helped you uncover the crème de la crème of pizza spots and we’ll be willing to navigate you to the best hospitality experiences put there. From the authentic Italian havens to the bold and innovative pizzerias, we’ve left no stone unturned to bring you the absolute best. So go forth, pizza enthusiasts, armed with our recommendations, and embark on a culinary adventure that will ignite your taste buds and leave you craving more.