Beyond Fitness: NAVI Spotlight

August 4, 2023

Beyond Fitness Studio is a cutting-edge development brought to life by Nigerian Development firm Collection Developments. 

This ultra-modern high-end fitness hub in Victoria Island offers a wide range of high-intensity workouts. These workouts include indoor cycling, barre yoga, HIIT, and swimming sessions.

Wandering how Beyond Fitness came to life? The visionary minds behind Beyond Fitness transformed a 1500 sqm site into the state-of-the-art multilevel fitness studio that it is today.

They retained the best elements of the existing structure while adding high-quality finishes and expanding rooms to maximize space.  For example, the elegant marble flooring and exposed concrete. 


The monochrome palette perfectly aligns with the brand’s identity. This creates an ambience that energizes and motivates you to surpass your limits.

You’ll marvel at the sleek, clean murals and empowering taglines that adorn the walls. These beauties will inspire you to reach new heights in your fitness journey. But it doesn’t stop there – Beyond Fitness went the extra mile. 

Behind the finished black walls lie layers of soundproofing, guaranteeing a serene workout environment. They designed even spaces with limited natural light and ventilation to ensure proper air circulation and ultimate comfort.

The Inspiring Journey of Simi Williams 


After pursuing academic and professional excellence in the UK and a successful investment banking career, something shifted within Simi Williams. 

She discovered that amidst pursuing financial success, she had lost touch with her genuine passion – sports and exercise.

A wake-up call in the form of a severe illness prompted a pivotal realization. She knew she needed to prioritize her personal well-being and daily fitness. 

And so, she committed to incorporating exercise into her life, regardless of her demanding job in investment banking.

Returning to her Nigerian roots, Simi Williams fell in love with the country’s vibrant music and dance culture. It was here, amidst the lively rhythms, that the vision for Beyond Fitness began to take shape. 

She noticed a void in the fitness market in West Africa – a lack of spaces that focused on aesthetics and emphasized mental well-being and human connections.


In 2018, Simi Willams wanted to bring joy to herself and her local community and that inspired the concept of Beyond Fitness

It was a bold step that demanded resilience, a departure from the confines of her previous job, and a relentless pursuit of purpose. The conviction grew stronger as she attended fitness industry conferences – she was on the right path.

She secured funding and the perfect location from London and assembled a team of passionate professionals. And so, in July 2019, Beyond Fitness opened in Nigeria, offering more than just a gym – a sanctuary where Fitness transcends the ordinary.

Beyond Fitness became more than just a business venture; it became a mission to uplift, inspire, and transform lives. 

Beyond Fitness: A Trailblazer in Nigerian Fitness and Wellness


In the vast landscape of Africa, where Fitness often lacks a defining brand, and the customer experience takes a backseat, Beyond Fitness emerges as a beacon of distinction. 

Unlike lacklustre gyms with mundane equipment, Beyond takes pride in an exceptional fusion of talent and care among its trainers. It creates a haven where members come first, basking in the warmth and bespoke service.

The ambiance at Beyond Fitness is thoughtfully curated, from the irresistible scent and illuminating lighting to the minimalist design. Embracing a shift in societal values, where good health is hailed as true wealth, Beyond Fitness exudes a hospitality mindset, distinguishing itself by prioritizing team training and infusing a relentless focus on every detail.


Stepping into the locker rooms, women are greeted with spa-like showers and a fully stocked blow dry/braiding bar, a testament to Beyond’s understanding of your needs. Generous social gathering areas, cozy seating, an energizing bar, and an inviting outdoor swimming pool further emphasize Beyond’s dedication to creating a coveted third space for the vibrant city of Lagos.

Deliberating a Visit to Beyond Fitness?

Beyond Fitness thrives as an oasis of pause in this high-pressure metropolis called Lagos, fostering connections among kindred spirits. There, people come together to exercise and forge a community that embraces wellness, camaraderie, and respite in equal measure. 

Beyond Fitness invites all to transcend the ordinary, bask in tailored experiences, and embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier, happier life.

It’s time to go beyond the ordinary. Are you ready to unleash the best version of yourself?