IWD Series – Omon Anenih of The DEW Centre

May 10, 2024

Omon Anenih-Mordi is a woman on a mission to individuals in Lagos and beyond to find balance and wellness, as it can often feel like an elusive dream. She is an award-winning international interior designer, mental health advocate, and wellness enthusiast, Omon has dedicated her life to promoting holistic wellness in both personal and professional spheres. This profound journey began with a simple yet truly profound realisation – true wellness is not just about physical health, but about nurturing the mind, body, and soul in harmony with one another. This is exactly what the DEW Centre represents; wellness, not as a dream but as a passion, and a way of life.


Omon lends her able hands to various organisations and initiatives aimed at empowering women, supporting SMEs, and driving positive change. A life member of WIMBIZ, and a former President of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, she brings a wealth of experience and renowned expertise to the table.

Through her visionary leadership, Omon Anenih is not just transforming spaces—she’s transforming lives! With each project, each initiative, and each conversation, she inspires others to embrace wellness as a way of life and to create spaces and experiences that nurture the mind, body, and soul. 

In a world where wellness is often seen as a luxury, Omon reminds us that it is, in fact, a fundamental human right—one that we all deserve to embrace and enjoy.

What is The DEW Centre about?


The DEW Centre, which stands for Design, Education, and Wellness, is a visionary space that skillfully intersects all three worlds under one beautiful, flowery roof. Located in Lagos, it is the first co-located Interior Design consultancy, education platform, and wellness centre in Africa. It serves for individuals to immerse themselves in a world of holistic wellness, where thoughtful design meets intentional living and transformative experiences.

Through the DEW Centre, Omon educates the public and inspires a vibrant wellness community by reimagining the design of spaces, lifestyles, and experiences. From workplace productivity to social interaction, relaxation, and overall well-being, every aspect of the DEW Centre is carefully curated to promote holistic wellness in all its forms.

Beyond the DEW centre, Omon is a passionate mental health advocate who tirelessly champions the importance of mental well-being, while destigmatising conversations around mental health in Nigeria and beyond. Her work has been recognized and celebrated internationally, with features in prestigious publications such as British Vogue and Country & Town House magazine, UK.