Lala’s Bistro Lagos – Lunch Break Spot

November 12, 2023

You’ll find Lala’s Bistro at Lala’s Boutique Hotels. It’s a small, affordable restaurant that has everything you’d want in a bistro. You can think of it as a warm and inviting space with beautiful green plants all around. It’s a sight to behold.

Let’s see what it’s like to dine at Lala’s Bistro.

Dining at Lala’s Bistro


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Lala’s Bistro promises you a delightful dining experience with their robust menu. Their chefs meticulously craft their menu using fresh locally sourced ingredients. They have the Tiny Tummy Delights for kids so you don’t need to leave your children out of the Lala’s Lagos experience. You also get a breakfast menu, appetizers, wraps and tacos, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, soups and salads, and pastas. 

Besides, you also get a mains menu. The good part is that each main comes with your choice of classic side. 

When it comes to drinks, Lala won’t disappoint. Their expert bartenders whip up your favorite cocktail, mocktails and milkshakes with a friendly smile.

Whether you’re having a special dinner or just hanging out, Lala Bistro makes it a memorable experience. You’ll leave feeling like a king or queen.

What Does it Look Like in There?

Lala's Bistro Lagos

Amazing Spaces By Aretha, an Interior Design Studio in Lagos  did all the awesome work you’ll see at Lala’s Bistro.

The white drapes, natural wood, and cool rattan furniture. They gave it a beachy vibe. But the coolest part is that they made it super flexible. The outdoor restaurant can change sizes and shapes to fit whatever people need.

They used these wooden columns and drapes to create different areas for customers. And to make it even more awesome, they added these rattan “roof baskets” with plants and lights. It gives shade and makes cool shadows that make the place look amazing.

Oh, and here’s the clever part—they made a shading system that can roll back when it’s sunny and cover up when it rains. That way, you can enjoy the outdoor vibe no matter what the weather is like. 

They even put up a cool mural on the wall. It makes the place look artistic and perfect for taking awesome pictures. 

Location: 251A Sapara Williams Close. Victoria Island, Lagos 101241 Nigeria , Lagos

Opening hours: 9am – 12am 

Instagram: @lalasbistro

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