Power of a single Shot Ibrahim Israel

Power of a Single Shot: the Role of Photography in Boosting Local Tourism (by Israel Ibrahim – Creative Lead, NAVI Africa)

November 14, 2022

When choosing a vacation destination, what do you first look at? And yes, even before the price list and online reviews! I do assume that your senses immediately cling to lavish nature, a hotel’s exterior, and the atmosphere of the vicinity where you desire to stay.

Interior of Gaby Lagos

The interior shot of Gaby, Lagos

It’s scientifically proven that our brain processes visual images much faster than text and speech. With this knowledge, what is one of the most powerful tools hospitality marketers use to turn tourism spots into coveted experiences? Totally correct – visual images.

How do we Leverage Photography?

Visual representation of a leisure service is a trigger of the buy-in decision made by a traveler. This principle guides our NAVI team — we aim to produce simultaneously appealing and honest visual materials about Lagosian places where tourists can both have fun and get in touch with local cultures.

photography: Beautiful Cocktail drink

From my vantage point in tourism and creative advertising, one important thing I took away is how to make ads compelling, yet unembellished. Otherwise, tourists will arrive at the spot just to discover that the reality does not match their expectations – definitely not part of your marketing strategy.’

Shots from Gusto, Lagos

As people tend to believe in authentic experiences, we also trust those of others more willingly. That is why service providers often publish customer reviews on their websites with their photos attached.

And our trust in the word of mouth (power of the eye, in this case, 🙂) is what can make each of us a tourism influencer to an extent. If everyone of us posts a favorite leisure spot in Nigeria on our social media, we will share unique experiences to boost domestic tourism.

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What single shot would you like to share? Drop it here!

Written by Israel Ibrahim – Creative Lead, NAVI Africa