Romantic Date Night Spots in Lagos I

August 25, 2023

Ready to turn ordinary evenings into extraordinary ones? If you’ve ever wondered where to whisk your crush or that special someone for a date night in Lagos, your search ends here. 

Here are some really cool romantic spots where you can savor delicious dishes and lovely moments. In this blog series, we’re unveiling enchanting restaurants across Lagos, perfect for igniting sparks of love.

It’s time to get hungry for love and good food.

1. Vanilla Moon


Vanilla Moon is a classy Pan-European restaurant at 2 Saka Jojo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.  They offer a perfect blend of flavors. The serene surroundings, with lush lawns and softly lit windows, create an ideal backdrop for your romantic evenings. 

Adding to the enchantment, the moonlit-themed décor whisks you away to a celestial experience. And guess what? Their mouthwatering delicacies are all part of the excitement. 

Explore their diverse food and dessert menus, and don’t miss out on their exquisite artisanal cocktails that perfectly complement your special night and dessert menu.

2. The Wine Lab


The Wine Lab Restaurant is an urban vineyard-inspired spot located in Victoria Island, Lagos. Imagine a world where a fancy dining place meets a cozy wine cellar – that’s The Wine Lab. Think of it like a vibrant city vineyard bursting with unique flavors, nature’s essence, and captivating colors. In simple words – it’s a visual treat.

On the walls, you’ll spot finely crafted wooden signs showcasing the names of top-tier wine and spirit labels. As you enter The Wine Lab, the refreshing aroma of nature welcomes you warmly. 

Outside, a charming garden boasts a range of flowers proudly displayed in rustic wheelbarrows. What else could you ask for in creating an unforgettable date night?

3. Fusion


Fusion Lagos is a good choice for lovers seeking a perfect blend of romance and flavors. Gracing Victoria Island, Lagos, Fusion weaves the elegance of a Japanese eatery with the warmth of a steakhouse.

As you cross the threshold, the inviting interior, adorned with delicate Japanese motifs, sets the stage for a romantic journey. Fusion’s commitment to culinary excellence shines through in every dish, handcrafted from the freshest, finest ingredients. Imagine savoring exquisite flavors while gazing upon the tranquil lagoon.

Explore their culinary offerings through a menu that speaks of passion and creativity. At Fusion, your dining experience will be a harmonious symphony of taste, ambiance, and the charm of romance.

4. Izanagi


Take a romantic night out at Izanagi, within the confines of the Blowfish Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Prepare to be swept away by their sushi mastery, led by the skilled hands of Emiliano Duenas. With a decade of culinary artistry forged in the kitchens of Lebanon, Izanagi’s sushi creations are nothing short of extraordinary.

Their diverse menu ensures every sushi aficionado finds a dish to captivate their senses. Izanagi proudly boasts the freshest and most exquisite fish in all of Lagos, promising an authentic sushi journey that’s second to none. Locals hold it in high regard as the city’s premier sushi haven, and the reasons are crystal clear.

For a taste of sushi perfection, make your way to Izanagi and let your palate embark on a romance of flavors and sensations that’ll leave you yearning for more.

5. Red Chinese Restaurant at Eko Hotel



Elevate your romance at The Red Chinese Restaurant, an exquisite gem perched atop the Eko Hotel and Suites with a panoramic view of Lagos.

Enter a realm of culinary enchantment where Chinese flavors dance on your palate. The Red Chinese Restaurant redefines upscale dining, infusing each dish with exquisite taste and artistry. Delight in the symphony of flavors while basking in an ambiance that speaks of love.

The quality of service and the mesmerizing view of the Atlantic Ocean are elements that add to the allure.

From daytime dining to embracing the night, The Red transforms into a captivating lounge, making it a haven for couples seeking both tranquility and allure. As the sun sets and the stars emerge, it’s your journey through flavors and emotions that takes center stage.

6. Gossip


Step into the realm of romance at Gossip, an enchanting haven nestled in Victoria, Lagos. Prepare to be swept away by an ambiance of elegance and refinement.

Gossip is a symphony of French-Mediterranean fusion. Each dish is an exquisite masterpiece crafted to ignite your senses and excite your taste buds.

Gossip Kitchen and Bar, offers diverse flavours, accompanied by an array of speciality cocktails that are true works of art. 

Under the visionary guidance of Chef Bienvenue Singbo, Gossip’s culinary team seamlessly blends the finest of French and Mediterranean flavors, guiding you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

At Gossip, they believe that culinary perfection is woven with the threads of the perfect wine. With every succulent bite of their steak or seafood dishes, you’ll discover the exquisite pairing of flavors, elevating your dining experience to new romantic heights. Immerse yourself in a symphony of tastes, where love and flavors intertwine seamlessly.

7. The Sky Restaurant at Eko Hotel



Perched at the pinnacle of romance, the Sky Restaurant, cradled within the Eko Hotel, paints a scene that leaves you breathless. This hidden gem graces the city of Lagos with a celestial touch, gifting you an unrivaled panoramic view of both the city lights and the enchanting Atlantic Ocean.

Step into a world where flavors dance in harmony, and love is infused into every dish. The Sky Restaurant unveils an Asian fusion menu that promises to transport your taste buds on a romantic voyage. 

At the apex of passion, where the city meets the sky, let the Sky Restaurant be the canvas of your love story. Amidst the stars and the city lights, every bite is a shared whisper, every view a cherished memory, and every moment a testament to the magic of romance.

8. Mantra


Embark on a romantic journey through flavors, history, and joy at Mantra Lagos. If you’re seeking a haven where taste meets tales, this is your ultimate destination. At Mantra, life’s vibrant tapestry unfurls before you, promising delectable feasts, shared laughter, and a shower of love that sparkles like confetti.

The moment you step through its doors, you’re whisked into a world of enchantment. Little wonder they call it the “House of Heritage.” Brace yourself for a visual symphony as traditional Arabian doors beckon you, and antique treasures from Europe and Asia whisper stories of times gone by. The walls, adorned with intricate designs, narrate a saga of bygone eras, and the warm, earthy hues envelop you in a cozy embrace.

Ready to etch memories in your heart? Wander over to the Pan-Asian resto-lounge. Mantra Lagos awaits to be the backdrop of your romance – a canvas painted with flavors, tales, and love.

A Taste of Love in Lagos

As our delightful journey through Lagos’ romantic restaurants draws to a close, we invite you to fully embrace the captivating experiences they hold. From moonlit elegance at Vanilla Moon to the panoramic views of The Sky Restaurant, each venue holds a promise of cherished moments. 

Whether you’re savoring fusion delights at Gossip or exploring love’s heritage at Mantra, let these spaces ignite your passion. We hope these restaurants become the backdrop to your love story, etching memories that linger long after the last bite.