Shiro Lagos: An Exotic Dining Experience

January 10, 2024

You think you have seen it all, then you experience Shiro. Shiro Lagos is a Japanese-styled restaurant and lounge and it’s popularly referred to as “the Pan-Asian sensation”. It sits at Landmark Centre, Eti-Osa, Lagos. The restaurant features a bar and lounge and offers late-night dining as well. The interior is very spacious and the ceiling is tall. Japanese-themed decor permeates the atmosphere and a dash of modern design livens the entire place up.

Digital dine-in orders


Shiro takes the dining experience to the next level with digital ordering. Instead of flipping through menus, you can browse all available dishes on your phone. This convenient, contactless process makes ordering easier than ever.  

You can take time to explore ingredients and options without holding up waiters. For large groups, it’s a breeze to pay separately right from your phone. The best part? Digital ordering at Shiro doesn’t take away the human touch. With more time freed up, the staff focus on delivering excellent hospitality and answering questions.  

An exotic menu of Asian delicacies


We all know Sushi, right? Shiro has a unique menu of Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisines. There are several meals on the Shiro restaurant menu that you must try out among the variety offered. They have the stir fry, sushi, maki mono and Teppanyaki menu. 

If you are a vegetarian, there are ample options for you to try among their appetizers and dim sum vegetarian men u. They also have the special Femme Fatale Menu served every Wednesday, among many other great meals their menu offers.

Enjoy the flavor and the view


In a thriving metropolitan setting where there are new restaurants to try out every other week, Shiro is where a lovely atmosphere and décor with excellent bespoke service meet a meal that leaves you wanting to write a sonnet while shedding tears of joy. 

The restaurant is well-known for its oceanfront vista. You can enjoy the ocean view, a delicious meal, time with friends, business lunches, and internet browsing at Shiro. 

It is certainly a complete package.

The beauty of Shiro Lagos at Nighttime


As soon as you enter, Shiro’s sleek, modern aesthetic embraces you in cool tones and beautiful lighting. But as the night unfolds, so does the energy. The din of conversation and laughter crescendos as the space fills. Each table becomes its own scene under the glow of the golden bulbs overhead.  

It’s more than the lighting that electrifies though. Shiro fuses organic flavors and cultures from across Asia with western beats. Shiro offers a shape-shifting experience. It begins refined yet builds to an eclectic cultural fusion, fueled by the chemistry between the cuisine and cocktails. Come early to bask in  the chill atmosphere or arrive late to be swept up in the pulsing nightlife.

Live your oriental dreams at Shiro Lagos

At Shiro, it’s the little details that make for a truly wholesome experience – the rice and green curry, the chocolate volcanoes, the Thai chicken curry, the tender, and juicy lamb chops. Or, the Sunday sight outside the Cuban, by the waterside. Yet every visit offers a chance to create special memories, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, marking an anniversary, or simply soaking in the waterside atmosphere. Shiro brings people together through vibrant pan-Asian flavors fused with modern flair. 

Come with an appetite for adventure, and let Shiro add that pinch of spice to your dining experience.

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