Top 8 Bars and Lounges In Lagos (Island)

March 24, 2023

Are you tired of searching for the perfect spot to unwind after a long day at work? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a fun night out with friends? Navigating the bustling city of Lagos can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding the best places to hang out. Look no further. We’ve got you covered with the top 8 bars and lounges in Lagos (Island).

On this journey, you’ll find the perfect spot for your mood, taste, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back ambiance, live music, signature cocktails, or a stunning view, these bars and lounges have got it all.

So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the vibrant nightlife of Lagos (Island).

1. Bature Brewery 


Bature Brewery takes pride in crafting some of the tastiest craft beers in Lagos using locally-sourced ingredients. But this trendy spot has quickly become known for more than just its brews.

Bature is in the heart of Etim Inyang Crescent. It is a hub for those seeking nightlife fun.

Bature Brewery is a lively destination that serves up an impressive selection of beers, cocktails, and wines every evening.

On Tuesdays, the brewery draws a younger crowd with delicious Tacos & Mexican fare from the neighboring El Padrino restaurant.

Come Fridays, Bature hosts a diverse lineup of Afrobeat live music featuring amazing local bands weekly.

This laid-back spot is a favorite among locals and a great place to make new friends if you’re new to town.

2. RSVP Bar 

Top-5-bars-and-lounges-in-Lagos-RSVP Lagos

RSVP is a sophisticated and upscale dining restaurant. They provides exceptional service, American-inspired cuisine, and an impressive bar selection.

You are in for a treat with a variety of freshly made dishes that will entice you. But, the true gem of RSVP is behind the dining room, where you can discover an outdoor poolside bar and lounge.

This area provides a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the main dining area. But it still serves top-notch food and drinks, along with entertainment and music. The RSVP bar gets really exciting on weekends.

Despite being an outdoor space, the Prohibition-era restaurants in New York was the inspiration.

In this inviting space, you can indulge in RSVP’s signature cocktails and classic drinks.

3. Kaly 

Top-5-bars-and-lounge-Kaly Lagos bar interior


Kaly is a sophisticated restaurant and bar lounge located in Lagos, boasting stunning views of the Eko Atlantic. With its emphasis on Mediterranean culture and cuisine, Kaly offers you a truly unique dining experience.

At the helm of the kitchen is a Lebanese head chef who expertly blends exotic flavors to create a menu that tantalizes the taste buds. Each dish is carefully crafted to add a distinct twist to the traditional Mediterranean fare.

And, with a perfectly curated selection of drinks, there’s something to satisfy every personal preference. The ambiance and aesthetic of Kaly are stunning. This makes it the perfect spot for enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends and family.

The restaurant, bar, and lounge exude an upscale, premium, and lush vibe that sets it apart from the competition. From the moment you walk through the doors, the restaurant’s aura is awe-inspiring and top-notch.

With its exceptional cuisine, stunning views, and impeccable service, Kaly is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable dining experience in Lagos.

4. Circa Non-Pariel 

Top-5-bars-and lounges-in-Lagos-Circa-Non-Pareil

Circa Non-Pareil, located in Lagos, offers a contemporary dining experience that is unparalleled.

The multi-level space provides a breathtaking view of the ocean. This creates a relaxing atmosphere adorned with state-of-the-art furniture.

The team of internationally acclaimed mixologists and bartenders handcraft every drink. They provide a unique and unforgettable experience for you. The distinctive identity of Circa Non-Pareil is immediately felt, providing exceptional service from the moment you step in.

The restaurant prides itself on offering accessible fine dining in a luxurious setting, with seamless hospitality ensuring that every guest has an enjoyable experience.

The unique waterside terrace, with its dreamy architectural setting, provides a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.

One of the most impressive features of Circa Non-Pareil is its diverse sections. These includes a private restaurant, a lounge, a rooftop, and a terrace restaurant.

The terrace in particular, provides a breathtaking view of the lagoon facing the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge. This makes it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with the ideal ambiance.

5. KOI  


Koi is a trendy Japanese restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos. Amidst the bustling restaurant scene of Lagos, Koi stands out as an upscale, low-key lounge with a relaxed and chill vibe.
Koi brings the Japanese standard of class to Nigeria and offers some of the best Japanese cuisines in town. The menu features sushi, seafood, and other continental dishes, as well as alcohol, spirits, wine, beer, cocktails, and coffee.
Upon arrival, Koi welcomes you with a beautiful entrance adorned with flowers and strategically placed trees, adding to the restaurant’s overall aesthetic appeal.
Koi also pays attention to the ambiance by playing carefully selected music that complements the serene atmosphere.

6. Bay Lounge

Top bars and lounges in Lags-Bay-Lounge


You can find Bay Lounge in the swanky Lekki neighborhood. They offer a spacious interior and an expansive exterior perfect for a variety of activities, such as outdoor dining, movie nights, live music, and a discotheque with a DJ playing new and old-school rhymes.

The lounge has attractive decor and an ambience that makes it the perfect place to unwind and have a great time.

The highly skilled, attentive, and friendly personnel treat every guest like a VIP. They commit to keeping customers happy, satisfied, and eager to come back.

Bay Lounge offers a fusion of local and international cuisine, including the option for outdoor dining. 3

The enticing food menu features a wide selection of sumptuous dishes. The local menu draws inspiration from different Nigerian tribes and serves up favorites such as peppered gizzard, snails, oha soup, edikaikong, asun, fresh salads, club sandwiches, and seafood, which is popular among Lagosians.

There is also an expertly chosen selection of premium wines and drinks, including signature and handcrafted cocktails and mocktails.

The Bay Lounge experience combines fine dining, exquisite cocktails, music, and movies in a hip and welcoming environment.

You can enjoy the soothing sound of the waterfront, the spectacular view of the ocean set against the backdrop of Lagos city lights at night, and the breathtaking panorama of the sunset in the early evening.

This multisensory experience is what makes Bay Lounge the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a memorable time.

7. The Irish Pub



The Irish pub is located at the Eko Hotel in Lagos. It is a stunning example of a Victorian Irish Pub.

The focal point of the pub is the central bar, which not only provides top-notch service but also serves as the entertainment hub. 

A statement curved metal staircase rises to the top of the bar and leads to a higher deck where a band can play, ensuring that everyone within the bar can enjoy the entertainment they offer.

Lagos Irish Pub at the Eko Hotel expresses true Irish culture and hospitality. The food and beverage addition to the hotel features a central bar with several zones and screened areas, designed with traditional Victorian Irish design detail in mind.

Victorian-style Irish pubs are known for their attention to ornate detail, reflecting an era of comfort, hospitality, and enjoyment. 

The interior of Lagos Irish Pub is no exception, featuring lavish beveled mirrors and stained glass, elaborate tiling, and decorative brass.

Entertainment is one of the key pillars of an Irish pub, and Lagos Irish Pub delivers something very special in this regard. 

The band is positioned on top of the back bar in this circular venue, providing an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

8. Live Lounge



Live Lounge was founded with inspiration from the soulful sounds of the greatest African entertainers who instilled the belief that music is spiritual, laughter keeps us young, and good food is the root of joy. 

The team’s innate inclination for hospitality has led them to create an intimate space that offers the perfect blend of old-world charm and a home away from home.

At Live Lounge, it’s not just about coming to have a good time, it’s about experiencing something unforgettable. 

From world-class live entertainment to flawlessly executed cocktails and a delectable culinary offering, every aspect of Live Lounge is designed to awaken your soul and provide an unparalleled experience.

Live Lounge isn’t just a place you visit; it’s a place that stays with you long after you’ve left. 

Discover The Ultimate Nightlife Scene in Lagos

Lagos Island is home to some of the best bars and lounges. From the serene waterside spots to the glitz and glamour of Kaly, there is something for everyone in Lagos. 

These eight bars and lounges are at the forefront of Lagos’ nightlife scene and will surely leave you with unforgettable memories. 

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, be sure to add these top 8 bars and lounges in Lagos Island to your must-visit list.