Top Cafes in Lagos – Victoria Island II

October 4, 2023

Looking for the right spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, savour a light meal or do some work or reading? You are in the right place. Last week, we had the first list of the best cafes in Lagos, Victoria Island specifically. This week, we are bringing you fresh insights into the top cafes in Lagos. 

1. Ziya Delicacy Boutique


Ziya Delicacy Boutique is a beautiful place to visit. The decor is clean, fresh and inviting. The ambience alone is thrilling enough to convince you to keep coming back. The lighting is great and the green tones give off this natural feeling that makes it feel like home. 

Ziya is perfect for any kind of get-together.  It could be a romantic brunch, a relaxed lunch with friends, a work meeting, or just a casual hangout. It’s a welcoming place with tasty food that suits any mood or occasion.

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2. Ci Gusta


Cigusta Lagos is an Italian-themed restaurant.  The space has a nice layout and allows lots of natural light. It feels open and inviting. The inside looks clean and peaceful, with everything nicely arranged.

One cool thing about Ci Gusta is that you can see the chefs making your food in the open kitchen. You can even smell the yummy pastries baking, which makes your meal even better.

Ci Gusta is a great place if you’re a freelancer, student, or just like to work outside the office. They have free Wi-Fi, delicious pastries, coffee, and a comfy atmosphere. What more do you need to work comfortably and efficiently?

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3. Flowershop Cafe


Imagine having lots of beautiful flowers calling you as you sip a cup of coffee or read a book. Flowershop Cafe combines a flower shop and a cafe in one space. You can choose to sit outside in the comfy outdoor area or inside in the clean and tidy indoor space. Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll be caught in the beauty and freshness of nature.

4. Cafeteria

If you’re in Victoria Island, Lagos, and want a cozy cafe or diner experience, check out Cafeteria. It’s a charming place with beautiful decor.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel the “good vibes”. They serve gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even have hangover cures. You can sit inside or outside. The outdoor area might be easy to miss during the day, but it looks beautiful with the lights at night.

5. Art Cafe


When you step into this cozy café, you’ll feel a friendly and warm vibe. The walls are decorated with beautiful murals and artworks.

Art Cafe serves tasty English breakfast and great coffee. It’s a peaceful place that offers a break from the busy noise of Lagos.

This café has a rooftop restaurant, an indoor dining area, and a bar, so there’s lots of room to relax. The artwork gives it a special and welcoming feel. Downstairs, there’s even an art gallery and a wine shop to explore.

Whether you’re hungry, thirsty, or just want to enjoy some lovely art, this café has it all. Plus, you can soak in the calm atmosphere all around you.

6. Vestar Coffee



Vestar Coffee is a new cafe in Victoria Island, Lagos. They have cozy seats, lots of tables with free Wi-Fi, and a chill atmosphere with smooth jazz in the background. And, of course, you can enjoy a nice cup of whatever you like to drink.

The place is a mix of fancy and relaxed, and the coffee folks were friendly. They have games like Scrabble, Chess, and Monopoly on the shelves and travel books. They even have a cool bamboo patio out back with comfy chairs. 

7. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is known for its doughnuts, coffee and cold beverages. So you can spice up your day with fresh pastries, quality brew or a chilled drink. The ambiance is really laid back and it’s a nice place to relax.

8. Cactus


Cactus restaurant is a calm place and it’s just right by the beautiful Lagos Lagoon. You can see the ocean in front, and the breeze from the lagoon makes it feel relaxing.

The space is welcoming for everyone. They have a great menu with lots of yummy breakfast and brunch stuff. And if you have a sweet tooth, their desserts and pastries are a perfect treat. Not without a cup of coffee, right?

Brighten Your Day with Good Coffee

We’ve explored all the wonderful cafes in Lagos (Victoria Island). At least until new ones pop up. Find your way into any of these spots and have a relaxing time. Get some finely made pastries, and accompany it with a cup of nicely brewed coffee. Do this while getting some work done or chatting with friends. Just breathe.