Wakame Asian Kitchen & Lounge

August 20, 2023

Wakame Asian Kitchen and Lounge is an elevated culinary destination perched on the first floor of the Marriott Hotel. Within the walls of the restaurant, you’ll find a rich tapestry of Asian-Fusion Street food. The restaurant seamlessly weaves the vibrant flavors of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Northern Indian cuisine. 

You’ll also have an eventful time at the Wakame Bar. The bar is among the best places to experience Ikeja’s nightlife scene. Consider it a haven for late-night connoisseurs seeking the perfect blend of ambiance and indulgence.

The best part is – you get to watch experienced chefs reimagine Asian street food, in unique ways that your palettes will thank you for. 

Food is good, but it gets even better with people around. Wakame is also a cool place to connect with friends while sipping meticulously crafted cocktails at the bar.

Take Your Taste Buds on an Asian Tour


Wakame has a semi-open kitchen that displays its talented chefs in action. You can see as your food is being prepared. Watch out for the amazing delicacies from Chef Krishna Thapa and Chef Bishnu Khatri.

Treat your eyes to various traditional cooking techniques and styles, including a robata grill, duck oven, woks, tandoor, and tempura. All dishes are served on small plates and boards, which is appealing. 

You can be sure to also enjoy a variety of refreshing cocktails from the bar mixologists. Wakame offers an extensive wine and spirits menu plus entertainment from their in-house DJ.

Having Brunch at Marriott Hotel Lagos?


If you are thinking of brunch at the Marriot Hotel, Wakame Restaurant is the place to go. You can have Asian curries and South Asian-inspired desserts, all presented in a sumptuous buffet spread. 

What truly sets Wakame apart is the experience of watching as your culinary creations are brought to your table. It’s no doubt a culinary spectacle like no other. Elevating the experience further, the luxurious cocktail selection harmonizes seamlessly with the exquisite display. 

Don’t miss the chance to savor the unique Fennel Ice Cream, a captivating finale to a brunch beyond compare.

Opening Hours


Wakame Asian Kitchen & Lounge opens Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 pm to 10:30 pm

Make Moments at Wakame Kitchen & Lounge

Take the chance to bask in the vibrancy of the indoor and outdoor spaces at Wakame Kitchen & Lounge. Create lasting memories in an atmosphere that exudes good energy. Pay a visit to Wakame – where tradition meets innovation, and every visit celebrates taste, togetherness, and style.