Where to Find the Best Bars in Lagos I

September 11, 2023

Ever had those moments when you and your friends are just itching for a good time in Lagos but can’t decide where to go? Well, guess what? You’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution. In this blog, we’ve got your back as we spill the beans on where to find the best bars in Lagos.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the city’s nightlife scene, where fun and excitement await you at every turn. So, grab a barstool and let’s dive into the best bar experiences Lagos offers.



RSVP is a restaurant located in Victoria Island. Its bar stands out as one of Lagos’ premier bars. Drawing inspiration from the clandestine bars of Manhattan during the prohibition era, R.S.V.P. seamlessly combines elements of industrial luxury in its design. The bar and lounge are tucked away behind the main restaurant, providing an exclusive escape for discerning patrons.

This restaurant offers more than just a bar; it’s a complete New American dining experience. With a menu featuring freshly crafted cuisine, a meticulously crafted bar program, and top-notch service, R.S.V.P. sets the gold standard for dining and imbibing in the city. Adding to the allure is a hidden 

In addition to its culinary and mixology prowess, R.S.V.P. elevates the ambiance with a thoughtfully curated music selection and world-class design. When it comes to seeking the best bars in Lagos, R.S.V.P. undoubtedly ranks high on the list.

2. Mako



Mako Lagos restaurant stands as a waterfront gem in Lagos, Nigeria, setting the standard for Lagos finest bars. It offers a dining experience that’s truly exceptional and unforgettable. Located by the water’s edge, this venue provides guests with breathtaking views of the harbor, creating an idyllic backdrop for indulging in delectable cocktails and savoring mouthwatering pizzas.

Expect nothing less than culinary perfection, as Mako Lagos takes pride in serving fresh and flavorful dishes alongside meticulously crafted cocktails made from premium ingredients. The restaurant also boasts an extensive selection of wines and beers, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring it’s the go-to destination for a night of revelry.

The atmosphere here is consistently lively and spirited, thanks in part to the resident DJ who spins an eclectic mix of music, ranging from house to hip-hop. Particularly delightful is the outdoor seating area, where the breeze gently sweeps through, providing a cool and inviting setting, perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

Whether you seek a romantic evening or a lively night out with friends, Mako Lagos remains one of the best places to find the best bar in Lagos.

3. W Bar



W Bar is an upscale restaurant, bar, and club perched on the waterfront in the heart of Lagos Island. This bar is a standout among the best bars in Lagos. They offer the ultimate urban escape and nightlife experience.

Indulge in expertly crafted signature cocktails, pop open a bottle of champagne, and savor a delectable menu that delights your palate. W Bar hosts a trendy club scene, drawing in the most fashionable crowd in Lagos, always primed for a night of enjoyment.

Dance to the beats spun by the city’s hottest DJs, and be moved by an enchanting light show that adds to the electrifying ambiance.

4. Shiro


Shiro Lagos stands as a culinary gem among the restaurants in Lagos. They offer an enticing fusion of Pan-Asian flavors, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisines. But it’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a complete dining and nightlife destination.

Inside Shiro, you’ll discover an inviting bar and lounge, where the art of mixology shines, and late-night dining is an option. The outdoor seating area provides a unique vantage point, offering breathtaking views of the ocean. The space exudes a surreal ambiance that captivates your senses from the moment you step inside. Its initial cool and chic mood evolves as the night unfolds, yet you can always find intimate corners to dine or simply relax.

At Shiro, an organic blend of Asian cuisines, cultures, and impeccable service melds with an infusion of Western music and signature cocktails. Shiro offers not just a dining experience but an all-encompassing late-night journey for those seeking flavors, culture, and entertainment.

5. Hard Rock Cafe


Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is a renowned restaurant and it boasts one of the best bars in Lagos. They offer tantalizing burgers and an enticing menu that includes delectable burgers, signature sandwiches, and fresh salads. They offer a diverse range of menu options, from their culinary creations to handcrafted cocktails served at their full-service bar, 

Step inside the Hard Rock Cafe Lagos, and you’ll find more than just exceptional cuisine and cocktails. Adorned with local graffiti art, a captivating stage that spotlights Lagos’ local talents and international artists. It even has a DJ booth primed for weekly live music events.

Beyond its extensive European menu filled with exotic and savory delicacies, the cafe offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you can relax to the soothing rhythm of the ocean’s waves while savoring the culinary delights on offer.

Hard Rock Cafe also doubles as a state-of-the-art relaxation center, ideal for gatherings with friends or quiet moments of solitude. Enjoy live band performances featuring the latest hits and timeless classics while indulging in signature cocktails with your companions. It wouldn’t matter whether they are friends, dates, or colleagues.

6. Danfo Rooftop Bar



Danfo Bistro has swiftly earned its place among the elite bars in Lagos, sparking conversations and leaving an indelible mark on the dining scene. They have a captivating space nestled on Alexander Road, right at the heart of Ikoyi, just a stone’s throw away from the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. This bistro offers an experience that truly embodies the spirit of Lagos.

Upon entering, you’re immediately enveloped in the restaurant’s decor, which authentically captures the essence of Lagos, making you momentarily forget that you’re in a converted container. The interior is bathed in a vibrant, eye-catching yellow hue reminiscent of the iconic Danfo buses that traverse the city’s streets.

Danfo Bistro creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, boasting two distinct seating areas: an indoor space and a rooftop outdoor terrace. Art enthusiasts will be enthralled by the decor, as it’s adorned with captivating artwork throughout, including the restroom. The menu offers a tantalizing array of options that are sure to pique your culinary curiosity.

7. Ona Rooftop 


Ona Lagos commits to celebrating the richness of African cuisine. As you step inside, you’ll be enveloped in a harmonious blend of warm, inviting tones, accentuated by lush greenery, creating a stunning indoor and outdoor space that sets the perfect stage for a casual chilling vibe. 

The decor at Ona exudes sophistication and intimacy, with neutral desert-colored hues, plush burnt orange leather cushions, and white-washed walls. The outdoor courtyard, adorned with string lights, adds an enchanting touch to the ambiance, ensuring you feel the love in the air.

8. SLoW


At SLoW, they’ve crafted a menu that draws inspiration from ancient culinary techniques. They have one of the best bars in Lagos. SLoW is heavily influenced by the vibrant flavors of Latin America, imbued with an international touch, all within an ambiance that effortlessly marries casual comfort with opulent luxury.

What sets SLoW apart is their commitment to freshness and quality. They take pride in growing the majority of their herbs and vegetables in their hydroponic farms, ensuring that they have full control over the produce they use in both their cuisine and cocktails. This dedication results in a delightful array of flavors that grace your plate and glass.

Step into their cocktail bar, where classic elegance meets sweetiness and liveliness. Here, you can embark on a flavor adventure thanks to our boundary-pushing approach to cocktail creativity. Alternatively, reminisce about the good old days with our selection of classic cocktails.

Enjoy the Fun at the Best Bars in Lagos

In Lagos, you can discover some amazing bars with different vibes and experiences. There are cool rooftop spots, cozy hidden places, and everything in between. Whether you want a fancy night out or a relaxed hangout, Lagos has you covered. These bars aren’t just for drinking; they’re also where you can enjoy music, and culture, and have a great time with friends. So, when you’re in Lagos, be sure to explore these awesome bars and make some really good memories