Pizza in Lagos! 5 Top Spots

August 30, 2022

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy pizza, and for us, that is as close as it gets. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reasons, a taste of a good pizza is like having a slice of heaven. It is affordable and delicious; there is an option for everyone, so no wonder Lagosians love it. With varieties to choose from, we have made the effort to help you decide the best pizza spots in Lagos.


If there is one place that would steal a pizz-a of your heart away then Pizzeriah is that place. Expect a taste of Italy in Nigeria as Pizzeriah is famed for its authentic Italian-styled pizza. The decoration is aesthetically pleasing and the ambiance is perfect for a romantic date or casual/business meetings. It is vegetarian-friendly and offers vegan options as well.

La Veranda

La Varenda has a carefully curated Italian menu with each meal crafted to bring your tastebuds the utmost pleasure. You can experience a taste of pizza cooked in an Italian wood-burning oven. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and the ambiance has an Italian charm to it. You can be assured that it is always pizza o’clock here.

La Pizza

Interior view of La Pizza

If your love language is pizza, you would love La Pizza because here, pizza never runs out of style. It is located within La Manuela Residence, a private hotel in Lagos. La Pizza is famed for its great pizza as well as authentic Italian food. There is a thatched seating arrangement and a very casual but relaxing atmosphere.

Godaif Village

A perfect escape spot from Lagos’s hustle and bustle, you can do more than relax and get work done here, having pizza here is also a form of self-care. You can trust the crust here as everything is easy, breezy, and chest. The lush ambiance is a delight with a garden-like experience. The serene environment makes it ideal to enjoy good vibes all around. Aside their mouth watering Pizza, Godaif Village is also known for offering great coffee. Check out our post on 5 cafés for coffee lovers in Lagos.


Cactus offers a variety of great-tasting pizza and although its prices are a bit higher than the other names on this list. The good thing is that once you have one slice, you can’t stop there so you are likely to feel it is money well spent. It is a family-friendly restaurant and you may want to visit with a loved one.