Rufus and Bee at Lekki Lagos

November 4, 2023

Looking for a fun hangout spot in Lagos where you can play lots of games and bond with friends? Then Rufus and Bee at Twin Waters is the place for you. Rufus and Bees is all about having a blast while embracing some friendly competition. If you’re thinking what we are thinking, be sure to keep reading. You’ll get to get to know everything you need to know about Rufus and Bees. 

We know not everyone in Lagos likes the wild club parties and loud gathering vibes, and that’s totally cool. A day of adventure at Rufus and Bee is a fantastic choice. 

In this guide, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about this place and even some awesome reviews from fellow fun-seekers. 

About Rufus And Bee

Rufus and Bees offers lots of awesome activities like snooker, dance revolution, a sports bar, and bowling lanes. With so many exciting games, you’ll certainly find the game you love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid, an adult, part of a family, or part of a corporate team.

How Do You Play Games At Rufus And Bee?


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If it’s your first time at Rufus And Bee, here’s the lowdown on how things work:

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1. Grab a Buzz Card for ₦2,000 – this is your ticket to all the fun! Make sure to keep it with you every time you visit.

2. Load up your Buzz Card with ‘Chips’ – that’s what you need to unlock all the games at Rufus and Bees

What are Chips and Why Do You Need Them?


At Rufus And Bee, chips are the currency you’ll use in buying funtime. The amount of games you can play depends on how many chips you’ve got. It could be as low as 3 chips or up to 17 chips, depending on the game.

Most of the games are a steal at 7.5 chips per play. Load your card with as many chips as you need for your gaming adventure. And here’s a tip – your chips don’t expire, but more is always better.

Once you load up your Buzz card, you can have as much fun as you want.

How Many Chips Do You Need To Play Games at Rufus And Bee?

Getting the Buzz Card at Rufus and Bee enables you to play 100+ games in the arcade. The more chips you load in your card, the more fun you’ll have. Let’s break down the prizes and how many chips they’ll get you. 

Amount Chips
₦7,500 55 chips
₦10,000 84 chips
₦13,000 115 chips
₦18,000 180 chips
₦23,500 250 chips
₦29,000 325 chips
₦35,000 450 chips

Games You Can Find at Rufus and Bees

Rufus and Bee is not your average arcade; it’s a playground for non-stop fun! They’ve got a ton of games to entertain you, from basketball shots, car and bike racing, adventurous quests, and even games inspired by Star Wars and The Walking Dead. Plus, there’s dancing and a whole bunch more.

The best part? Some games dish out ‘tickets’ as rewards, depending on your performance. Collect these tickets and cash them in for awesome prizes or load up your Buzz card with extra chips to keep the gaming going.

Bowling Alley at Rufus And Bee


At R&B, the bowling alley is separate from where you’ll play the other games. It has got that exclusive vibe.

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You can buy your tickets at ₦8,500 inside the club. And guess what? Wednesdays are the bowling bonanza at Rufus and Bee – it’s only ₦5,000 to bowl your heart out. Oh, and no need to bring your regular shoes; they’ve got special bowling shoes for you, plus a snazzy pair of socks.

The alley isn’t just about striking pins; there’s a cool mini-bar and restaurant right there. So, you can chow down and sip your favorite drinks while you hang out all day, no need to wander around the rest of the place.

The Sports Bar

Catch live football games and other major matches in style. There’s also a snooker table so you can play that too if it’s your thing.

Hungry or thirsty? No problem! Rufus and Bees has an awesome eatery and restaurant right in the sports bar.You can chow down and sip your favorite drinks while enjoying the games.

Rufus And Bee Menu

With Rufus and Bee’s menu, you can be sure that you won’t go hungry while having all that fun. They have really amazing dishes from starters to main dishes. You can also get pasta or pizza or burger if you want something light.


Rufus And Bee Reviews

Arekpitan Ikhenaode  “Lovely place to hangout. Totally enjoyed my time there. PS: If you go solo, you’d not have as much fun as someone in a group.”

Kevwe IghomerehoThis is a Games arcade, it’s fun for all age brackets. I’d recommend weekdays when it’s not crowded so you can spend time on the games you love. There’s a restaurant where you can eat as well. The food is okay, good value for the amount spent.”

Location: Off Remi Olowude Road, Lekki Second Roundabout (next to Lekki Leisure/Ark Event Center).

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Sorry, they are closed on Mondays.

Dress code: Just come as you are – It’s all about casual vibes. By the way, you want to be as comfy as possible because it would be a long ride.