Top 7 Places to Hangout in Lagos

June 14, 2023

Seeking the perfect places to hangout in Lagos with your friends and family? We know that making a choice can be a challenge but you don’t need to worry. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

In a bit, we’ll unveil the top seven places where you can hangout in Lagos.  

Get ready for unforgettable moments, hidden gems, and a taste of Lagos’ true essence with your friends and family. 

1. Upbeat Recreational Centre


Located in the heart of Lekki Phase 1, Upbeat Recreational Center is the ultimate destination to ignite your sense of adventure. They offer an experience unlike anywhere else with an array of thrilling activities.

Upbeat has a spacious play area that guarantees endless fun and will leave you happily exhausted. It’s a great place to create lasting memories and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. 

You are never too old to bounce on trampolines. Upbeat has a state-of-the-art Trampoline Park in Lagos, the first of its kind in West Africa. You can have a blast while improving your fitness. In fact, trampoline bouncing is said to boost metabolism and enhance calorie burning.  

At Upbeat, the possibilities for play are boundless. You can scale their challenging walls, bounce while evading balls, dive fearlessly into massive foam pits, conquer the exhilarating obstacle course, and compete with friends. Let loose and embrace the excitement.


They also offer a wide range of sporting activities, including football, basketball, and outdoor aerobics. Upbeat recreational center redefines fitness by infusing it with fun, setting the bar high for recreational sports in Nigeria.

What more? You can delight your taste buds with their delectable beat bites and mouthwatering confectionery.

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Location: 11 Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase 1 105102, Lagos

Instagram: @upbeatcentre

2. Terra Kulture


Nigerian lawyer Bolanle Austen-Peters founded Terra Kulture in 2003. The place has become a tourist haven for people who love culture, books, and local cuisine. It hosts exhibitions, book readings, language classes, and has a theatre. Some of the annual events here include the Taruwa festival of Performing art and an art auction.

Terra Kulture was set up to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture. It features the following:

  1. Restaurant: The restaurant is famous for its unique decor and ambience. It is a destination for lovers of Nigerian food. Made of rustic wood and bamboo, it provides that comfortable blend of Africa and modern, and they serve delightfully African cuisines.
  2. The Arena: The arena is a comfortable state of the art performance hall with 400 seats. Its home to famous performing artists like Burna Boy, Davido and its the home of theatre in Nigeria. It also serves as a good conference facility with a multimedia LED screen appropriate for any standard presentation, and is positioned to give the audience a spectacular experience.
  3. The Gallery: The gallery has played host to a remarkable number of Nigeria’s lead and budding visual artists. With over 300 art exhibitions and 9 auctions behind it, it is one amazing art destination in Lagos.
  4. The Bookstore: Terra Kulture’s Bookstore is home to Nigeria’s famous authors such as Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe,’ and numerous authors. With over 20,000 books in stock, you have all the literature and crafts you need as souvenirs and gifts.

Location: Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Instagram: @terrakulture

3. Jazzhole


Jazzhole is a bookshop and record store in the heart of Ikoyi. It’s the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Book lovers and people who enjoy listening to contemporary music will be amazed by this place. It provides the right atmosphere for book lovers with its varied collections of books and records.

You can shop for books, read, eat yummy desserts, buy vinyl records, and even listen to jazz music at Jazzhole.

Location: 168 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos

Instagram: @jazzholelagos

4. Lufasi Nature Park


LUFASI, short for the Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative, is a captivating park nestled within a 20-hectare farm forest in the heart of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. 

It is an enchanting haven for nature enthusiasts, offering opportunities for nature walks, outdoor sports, research, school excursions, and wildlife rescue. LUFASI provides a blissful retreat for relaxation and harmonious connection with nature. 

Some of the activities you can undertake at the park are forest tours, educational classes, and eco-friendly games. They have a children’s play park, animal sanctuary, picnic areas, pitches, and lakes. You can also just lay back and soak in the freshness of your surroundings. It is a place where you can connect harmoniously with nature.

Notably, it serves as a safe haven for endangered animals, including the African Wild Donkey, West African Barb Horse, Mona Monkey, and Helmeted Guinea fowls.

If you love nature, you will certainly find LUFASI interesting. You can also try some really cool parks perfect for hanging out in Lagos.

Location: FM73+VR5, Eti-Osa 106104, Lagos
Instagram: @lufasipark

5. Tarkwa Bay


Tarkwa Bay beach is a super cool place to hangout in Lagos. It’s an artificial sheltered beach on Onidiwo Island, just a quick 20-minute boat ride from Victoria Island.

This beach is totally popular and attracts loads of tourists. It’s like having a private beach experience on a public beach. Picture-perfect sands, breathtaking views, and nature at its finest.

Oh, and don’t forget the fun stuff like horseback riding and speedy boat rides! Bring your sense of adventure and don’t forget to capture the magic with your trusty camera. Put on light clothing so you can experience maximum enjoyment.

Location: Onisiwo Island off the Lagos coast, Lagos State, Nigeria

6. Bogobiri House

Bogobiri House

Bogobiri House is much more than a boutique hotel in high brow Ikoyi, Lagos. It’s a classy hotel with an interesting style of modern furnishing with a blend of nature.

They offer you a unique opportunity to interface with the creative soul of Africa’s most vibrant city. Their recent expansion and newly upgraded rooms are perfect for business and leisure travelers. In close to two decades of operation, they have become a hub for the promotion and appreciation of art, music and local knowledge whilst not compromising their core values: First class service, security and your utmost comfort.

Bogobiri is the ancient birthplace of Uthman dan Fodio where scholarly and artistic knowledge is said to have spread like wildfire through Northern Nigeria. It is also the name of a popular district in Calabar where people from all over Africa converge and where the saying “there are no strangers in Bogobiri” was born. All in all the playful onomatopoeic feel of BOGOBIRI resonates greatly with the character and mood of this eclectic hub set in the heart of Lagos. Bogobiri brings home the true meaning of Afroliciousness.

The recent expansion and newly upgraded rooms are perfect for business and leisure travelers. For over a decade of operation, they have become a hub for the promotion and appreciation of art, music and local knowledge whilst not compromising the core values: First class service, security and your utmost comfort.

You will enjoy the quality of service provided by the staff at the hotel and also the quality of food prepared at the restaurant, they offer local cuisines as well as international cuisines.

Location: South-West, 9 Maitama Sule St, Ikoyi, Lagos
Instagram: @bogobirihouse

7. Nike Art Gallery


The Nike Art Gallery Lagos is located in the heart of the historic city of Lagos, Nigeria. The gallery features contemporary African art from around the continent and beyond. It offers a wide range of artwork from paintings and sculptures to photography and digital art. The gallery also hosts art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, and other cultural events. Visitors to the gallery can explore the art, learn more about the artists, and purchase artwork from the gallery‘s extensive collection.

When entering the building of Nike art gallery, you will discover an artistic and architectural masterpiece. The entire building is painted in white and is housed in a five-story structure and also houses a collection of around 8,000 different Nigerian artists’ works. The gallery is probably the largest of its kind in West Africa.

Not only that, the entrance of the gallery will welcome you with an array of carvings, artistic furniture made of wood, bronze or metal, as well as beautiful pieces.

The gallery is decked all through from the top of the building to the bottom, with beautiful art works, carvings, colorful batik textiles, indigo, tie and dye, traditional weaving, bead work, embroidery, metalwork and weaving. In general, one can explore both traditional and contemporary art in this gallery.

You will appreciate this gallery more if you are a lover of the arts, a professional artist, or for the curious minds interested in a brief immersion in a new culture. This gallery offers you the opportunity to see Nigeria with fresh eyes.

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Location: 2 Nike Art Gallery Rd, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Lagos

Instagram: @nikeart gallery

Plan an Hangout in Lagos with Your Friends

There you have it, the top 7 places to hang out in Lagos! From the thrilling adventures at Upbeat Recreational Center to the cultural immersion at Terra Kulture, the soothing vibes of Jazzhole, and the natural beauty of Lufasi Nature Park, these spots have something for everyone. Don’t miss the stunning Tarkwa Bay beach, the Afroliciousness of Bogobiri House, and the artistic wonders of Nike Art Gallery. 

Get ready for an amazing time in the vibrant soul of Lagos. Pack your bags, grab your friends, and make some amazing memories.