The Lohn Chandler Bar

November 16, 2023

Lohn Lagos is a brand committed to making fragrances to make your body and space smell amazing. The name “Lohn” comes from the Estonian word for “aroma. Olamide Olopoenia founded Lohn Lagos in 2017. Lohn makes luxury candles, reed diffusers, oils and perfumes. Not just any candles – they’re hand-poured and filled with nice scents. These candles and diffusers also add a stylish touch to your room. Lohn wants you to have a great experience, not just with the smell but also with how your space looks. 

Lohn Lagos believes in the power of scents so they use the best materials to create unmatched quality. The goal is to make your moments and moods better and create special memories that stick with you.

You can feel all these from the flame of their candles to the fancy packaging of their products  and the wonderful scents that linger.  

What’s more? They have a special place called the Chandler Bar and that’s where you get to experience the fun. 

What’s the The Lohn Chandler Bar?


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The Lohn Chandler Bar at Lohn Lagos is where you get to create your very own special scented candle. There are 100+ different smells for you to choose from. It’s a great place if you’re planning a first date, a bridal shower, a Friday night out, or a big birthday celebration.

Their  awesome team of scent experts is there to help you. They’ll guide you in making the perfect candle that’s just right for you or someone you care about. It’s not just about the candle, it’s about the fun social time you’ll have while making it. 

So, come on in, have a great time, and leave with your very own custom-made candle.

What you’ll get from a session at the  The Lohn Chandler Bar 


  • Fun 1-hour lesson from their expert candle maker.
  • Learn about the history of candles.
  • Pick from 125 awesome scents
  • Choose a small (150g) or big (380g) candle
  • Get tips on how to take care of your candle
  • Make your own label for your candle
  • Enjoy free yummy drinks and snacks
  • Get a special discount for your next candle purchase
  • Take home a surprise gift too.

10 Frequently asked questions 

Here are some questions that might be boggling your mind:

1. Which experiences can I choose?

They have two experiences for you. Standard Sessions are when everyone knows about it, and Surprise Sessions are when only a few are in on the secret, making it more exciting.

2.When should I book an experience?

Plan ahead! Book your spot at least 48 hours before, and make sure to pay 24 hours before the big day.

3. Oops! Can I Change Your Mind?

Sure thing! You can cancel within 2 hours of booking. But once it’s confirmed, you’re in it.

4. How many friends can join me?

Bring your buddies. You need a group of 2-10 people to enjoy the experience.

5. Can I make special requests?

Totally! Special requests cost a bit extra and depend on what’s available. Give them at least 14 days’ notice to create your customized experience.

6. Can kids join the fun?

Absolutely! Lohn Lagos loves kids. You can bring along 10 year old kids and up. Sorry to the little ones; they can’t have them join the fun just yet.

7. Can I capture the fun?

You can take short clips for social media but they won’t allow you to make a documentary.

8. When should I show up for my experience?

Be on time. Arrive 15 minutes early to get comfy. Sorry, no refunds if you’re fashionably late.

9. Uh-Oh, I can’t make it!

Life happens! Let them know ASAP, and they’ll find a new date for you. Missed out? They’ll add you to another fun group, but sorry, no refunds.

10. Can I Grab My Candle Right Away?

Not yet! Your custom made candle needs time to set and cool—about 2 hours. Use that time to explore or come back later. They can even deliver it to you for a fee or keep it safe for a month.


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